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2 min readFeb 16, 2021

One of the many compelling Fabric features is the enablement of a network of networks. Members of a network work together, but because businesses need some of their data to remain private, they often maintain separate relationships within their networks. For example, a purchaser may work with different sellers, selling the same product. The transactional relationship between the purchaser and each of the sellers should remain private and not visible across all sellers. This is made possible via the “channels” feature in Hyperledger Fabric if you need total transaction isolation, and the “private data” feature if you’d like to keep data private while sharing hashes as transaction evidence on the ledger “private data” can be shared among “collection” members, or with a specific organization on a need-to-know basis.

Rather than an open, permission-less system, Fabric offers a scalable and secure platform that sup-ports private transactions and confidential contracts. This architecture allows for solutions developed with Fabric to be adapted for any industry, thus ushering in a new era trust, transparency, and accountability for businesses.

The key features of Hyperledger Fabric technologies.

  • Permissioned architecture
  • Highly modular
  • Pluggable consensus
  • Open smart contract model — flexibility to implement any desired solution model (account model, UTXO model, structured data, unstructured data, etc)
  • Low latency of finality/confirmation
  • Flexible approach to data privacy : data isolation using ‘channels’, or share private data on a need-to-know basis using private data ‘collections’
  • Multi-language smart contract support: Go, Java, Javascript
  • Support for EVM and Solidity
  • Designed for continuous operations, including rolling upgrades and asymmetric version support
  • Governance and versioning of smart contracts
  • Flexible endorsement model for achieving consensus across required organizations
  • Queryable data (key-based queries and JSON queries)



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